Thought at Work 2019

Title Sequence


Role: Motion Graphics Artist

Team: Rohan Pawar, Liza Comely,

Tessa Cote, Nichole Simone, John Keefe

Duration: 7 months

Client: Thought at Work

Tools: Cinema 4D, Adobe AE

Thought at Work is a student run design conference held at RIT. I had the opportunity to help develop the title sequence that would introduce all of the speakers at the event.

Divide & Conquer

From Sketches to Styleframes

With a team of 6 we needed to be smart about how we utilized our teammates, and our own, skills and time. We decided to break the animation up into 3 major checkpoints. That way, we could each have something to work on at the same time. 

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Scene Development

From Sketches to Styleframes

I was assigned the VR scene because of my knowledge of 3D and 2D texturing techniques in cinema 4D. I started by experimenting with different compositions for the player in VR. 


I then created a rough version of the final scene in cinema and began experimenting with different ways I could achieve the look and feel that we wanted. 

I played with different methods of using dynamics, keyframe animation, and a combination of the two to achive the proper look and feel that would match with our 2D animation.

Compositing & Transitions

From Sketches to Styleframes

Compositing & Transitions

From Sketches to Styleframes

After I had the 3D scene finished, I needed to find a way to stitch it together with the rest of our animations. I created a transition that involved the VR glasses being drawn onto the screen to bring us into 3D. To take us out of the 3D scene I masked out the shapes in 3D and transitioned to 2D.


Conclusion & Takeaways

It was difficult to work with a large team on a single video, but I think that through this experience I learned a lot about what it means to be a part of a team working on a long-form project. I gained knowledge about leadership, cooperation, and communication throughout the course of this project. I think this project has prepared me for designing animations from concept to deliverable in a more professional setting, in contrast to the school project setting that I am used to.

Thought at Work 2018 

Check out my work for the title sequence from the year prior!

If you like what you see, let me know!


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Here are some other places

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